Friday, April 17, 2015

Night thoughts

Hmm I know I haven't been pretty active here once again but now that I'm officially done with Year 3, and I'm more or less recovered from a bad cough + loss of voice (I've been hibernating like crazy due to the medicine!) I decided maybe it's about time to jot some thoughts here...

So this entire academic year has been a true roller coaster ride. Well, initially I was so ready to graduate then came the lowering of honours requirement and there, my choice to fight to stay for one more year. So well, I'm not really graduating yet, hopefully. But I guess what took a toll on me wasn't academics, but my life in general.

I've spent days, weeks and months trying to find myself. Trying to find a reason to really love myself. It never daunt upon me something so simple could be so hard to achieve until I realize it was impossible for me to love anyone else unless I learn to love myself. Time and again, there were so many chances given when I didn't have to. At the end of the day, all the nightmares that occurred eats me from deep inside. And I'm really tired of giving, giving so much till I have nothing left to give, yet so much to lose. I really wish I could just drop everything at hand, learn to let go and let live. I don't even need anyone to understand, because it's hard to find someone who can truly understand what I went through. How every time the memories flashes back, it leaves me in fear. And everything that has happened within the past academic year just made me feel that maybe I really do not deserve anything at all.

And it's just so sad, because it's kinda like I can get all I want but nothing that I really need.
But it's even sadder that how you thought something that was meant to make you stronger and build you up, could destroy you so thoroughly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

LOST SG: Singapore's Next Generation Escape Game

About 2 weeks back, I got invited by LOST SINGAPORE to go down and try one of their escape room games! I've never played any of the escape room games before although the hype has been around for quite awhile now, so I was super excited to try it when Ivan, the co-founder of LOST SG invited me down!:)

 I brought along some of my DanSHers friends with me on an evening when we had no prac to "destress" ourselves, but am not too sure if we made ourselves more stressed while playing the game LOL. Located at Peace Centre, which is behind SOTA and POMO, I'd say it is a pretty good location since it's pretty central. Just that you might have a little difficulty finding the place if you're heading there for the first time!

Here's a little bit about LOST Singapore in case you're just wondering what exactly it is:
"LOST SG is a high-tech real-life room escape game where players have to put together thought-provoking clues, solve seemingly abstract puzzles and race against time to escape from a locked room"

The exterior of LOST Singapore. It's quite prominent so I don't think you'll miss it!:)

Upon arrival, Ivan quickly briefed us on the different types of escape rooms available and asked which we would like to play. There are 5 game rooms-- Exodus, Isometrick, Alcatraz, Aokigahara and Castiglione!

As it is our first time there, Ivan recommended that we played Exodus because it is "simpler". But I have very adventurous friends, who wanted more challenge for themselves (and myself???!!!) We wanted to play Alcatraz which featured a prison room setting but there was another group of people playing inside, so we settled for Castiglione, which initially Ivan told us it was gonna be a bit difficult for people playing for the first time. (aka us)

But we went ahead and played. I love my spontaneous friends but I was quite worried I will just not be able to solve anything HAHA (thankfully it wasn't thaaaaaat bad!!)


In the 1860s during the Second Opium War, the British and French Empires invaded China. In the midst of the war, all 12 of the zodiac head statues designed by Giuseppe Castiglione for QianLong Emperor miraculously disappeared from the Imperial Summer Palace. Rumours and news soon spread that the 12 statues were kept hidden in the hometown of the zodiac’s designer home. Take on the role of a secret agent and unravel the mysterious hidden castle belonging to Castiglione. Your mission is to recover the 12 zodiac heads and escape from the Castle. 

But BEWARE, there might be guards on patrol.
Escape, Survive & Recover the 12 Zodiac Head Sculptures
Here's a sneak peak into the room!

According to the website, this game requires Analytical & Logical Reasoning, Observational Skills, Lateral Thinking and Arithmetic Skills.

After playing the game, I realise my Arithmetic Skills actually quite good HAHA the others... let's not mention it LOL I think the worst was observational skills cos I completely idled away during the part where it required them and left it to my friends to solve HAHA

Okay, so in we went into the room only with 2 torch lights in our hands to be shared among 5 people, and the 1 hour timer started! (No photos for privacy reasons) Did we complete it???



But it was super fun still even when we couldn't finish it! I think we finished the whole game 10 minutes after 1 hour has passed because we were stuck at this particular stage for soooo long haha. Ivan came in thrice to help us out and we were so exhausted mentally by the end of the game LOL! See, this is why maybe we need to listen to advice HAHA (Even though I'd still like to think we're not bad)

I think it is good that we didn't complete the game, because if everyone blogs about finishing the game in time, then maybe readers will think the rooms are very easy? I shall be that failure case in point!!! HAHAHA. If you've played other escape rooms before, maybe Castiglione will be a lot easier for you, otherwise if you're also a first timer, you may want to start out playing the "easier" rooms like Exodus first :)

After coming out of the room, we started wondering will we have to take 2 hours if we actually played Isometrick..?! (the hardest room there!) This was a really great first escape room game experience for me and I am particularly awed by all the sensor motion detectors used! I rmb we got scared and freaked out when the sensor first worked, forgetting that we are in an escape room and not haunted room!! We must have been quite a joke to watch from the CCTVs hahaha.

(FYI, it was pure coincidence that we all wore something blue that day :O )

Overall, I'd say it was a really great evening spent especially when I've been bombarded by non-stop dance pracs! If the time and opportunity permits, I'll definitely go back there w my friends to play the other (difficult) rooms LOL and hopefully make it to the legendary board :D

Anyway, I'll be doing a giveaway to one lucky follower/reader + 5 of your friends!!!
Simply head over to THIS INSTAGRAM POST and follow the instructions!
Giveaway ends 11th April, 2359 :)

Thank you LOST.SG for having us over (:

Booking for games can be made through HERE!

Peace Centre
1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03
Singapore 228149
Tel 67171688

Non-peak (Mon-Fri 1100-1730): $20.90 per pax
Peak (Mon-Fri 1800-2300; Saturday, Sunday): $26.90 per pax

Till then, till we get lost again! ;)