Friday, March 18, 2016

NDP 2016: Concept, Theme & Logo

The jubilant SG50 celebrations felt like it just took place not too long ago and here we are, less than 5 months before Singapore hits the 51 years old mark! Yet another year to celebrate this city state's birthday, and filled with anticipation to see what's lined up for this year's parade. Quite glad that this year, I got to do a little coverage about the whole NDP planning to execution process and last week, I attended the media conference for the theme and logo design for NDP2016 :)

Unlike other years, this year's NDP is going to be held at the Singapore Sports Hub instead of the floating platform or the Padang like the other years. Little did I realize that in fact, 10 years have already passed by since NDP was held at this Kallang venue (anyone remembers Kallang stadium?). It just makes me realize that I've really grown up too quickly because I watched the NDP Preview show at Kallang Stadium when I was Primary 5!!! That's 12 years ago...

Brigadier General Kenneth Liow, Chairman of NDP 2016 Executive Committee, starting of the media programme. 
The theme for this year's celebration is Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow, which is pretty apt for a theme/tag line as we are now progressing and moving towards our aim of SG100, and nation-building remains one of the most important thing for us Singaporeans.

This year's NDP logo was actually selected through a public competition that was held from December 2015 - February 2016, receiving over 250 entries and 2,700 public votes. I guess it's pretty good that the citizens get to play a part in the execution of this year's NDP as it is reflective of the fact of nation-building is indeed a collective effort from the citizens as a whole and not just governmental legislation. To be frank, I quite like the main logo whereby "51" is printed inside a heart shape, it's simple and straightforward in bringing its message across -- that the multiracialism here in Singapore (represented by the 4 different shades of the heart shape) forms the heartbeat of this prospering city state :)

Chelsea Lim (19 y/o), brainchild behind this year's NDP logo! Must have been a moment of immense pride to do something for the country :')

Not sure if I'm the only one who feels and sees it this way but the five stars that extends out from the digit "6" kinda reminds me of the iconic flypast we get every year at NDP, and this year is still no exception! Besides the usual flypasts that is highly anticipated, this year's NDP will also feature unmanned technologies, 3D projection displays, aerial displays involving performers and props, and indoor fireworks for the first time ever! Not to mention that holding the parade at the Sports Hub this year will allow 275,000 Singaporeans to be able to view the show, double the number of previous years. :-)

It's great to get some "insider" news about this year's NDP parade, because it's definitely one of my favourite holiday! Looking forward to sharing more updates with you guys leading up to the event itself, so stay tuned!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair Haircare range

I don't know about you but I'm someone who thinks finding a good shampoo and hair care range that suits your hair's needs is extremely tough. I'm not an "adventurous" person when it comes to trying new things for my hair and I might just be the laziest person around to do some proper hair grooming unless I've work or shoots. To be frank, I've stuck with a particular hair brand since I was 9 because it "suits" my hair and made it soft and smooth but perhaps it's due to the fact that I've been using it since 9, over the years it kinda just stopped working on me altogether!!! :(

Hair care probably works like skin care I guess, using the same range for prolonged duration will reduce the effect :'( Hence for the past 2 years, I've been switching between brands pretty frequently trying to find one that really suits me! I think it honestly doesn't help that I dance a lot and my hair always have to be tied into a really tight ponytail, and when I perspire they all just tangle up and become a bunch of seaweed when I un-tie it LOL :( T.T

The team behind Moist Diane approached me sometime earlier this year to work on this collaboration with their hair care range. Me, myself, unaware of exactly what my hair needs, couldn't decide on which of the 4 available ranges should I settle on. The 4 available ranges are Moist & Shine, Volume & Scalp, Extra Damage Repair and Extra Shine. I couldn't decide between Extra Damage Repair & Moist &Shine range, and they were very patient and actually sent me 2 travel sets for these ranges to try out first for myself, see which I like better before going into the review!

And just in case you haven't heard of Moist Diane before, it's a haircare range that provides salon standards through the use of rare plant oils in their hair products from all over the world. The main ingredient that Moist Diane uses in their products (and are proud to do so) is Moroccan Argan Oil, which I'm sure most of us would already have a rough idea of all the benefits it does to our hair -- how it is filled with Vitamin E that helps to hydrate the scalp, and the oils helps to tame frizzes, nourishes hair, repairs split ends, amongst many other benefits! Combined with other natural plant oils, the Moist Diane Extra Damage shampoo deeply cleanses while nourishing my scalp and hair without the greasy feeling throughout the day.

The other reason which I really like about them is that their formula used is silicone free! Commercial shampoos often contains silicone, which if not cleansed thoroughly, it can lead to clogged pores and hair loss. Moist Diane silicone-free formula prevents hair follicles from clogging for healthy scalp and hair :)

After about 1 month of trying out the products, I am using the Extra Damage Repair salon-haircare range for my damaged and coloured hair as well as the Moroccan Argan Smooth Hair Oil!

The Extra Damage Repair range is packed with Moroccan Argan oil & other types of handpicked botanical oils that helps to cleanse, nourish and repair hair that is dehydrated, damaged and brittle! Not to mention, I am absolutely in love with how my hair smells after a shower nowadays and it's really very, very soft and smooth!

A little read up more about the products allowed me to know that Moist Diane uses nanokeratin technology to search for the actual cause of hair damage and repair on the spot, helping to improve the hair structure of our hair and that's how I get to leave the shower with smooth and soft hair that is definitely healthier looking AND TANGLES SO MUCH LESSER!!!

Here's how my hair looks like before it went into the shower, after a long day out. I didn't curl my hair it's natural just that it's very frizzy and tangled zzz

Here's how it looks right after shampooing! Can you alr tell that this is straighter and smoother?? I think it doesn’t look so much like a patch of grass now =x

Also, I like to apply some hair oil before I blow dry my hair (if I do) so that the nutrients can be absorbed into the hair and my hair won't be stripped of moisture after blow drying! Argan hair oil has been a go-to for me and I've been previously using a few other brands (mainly Korean brands since I bought so many). Hence, it's great I have yet another brand to look out for locally when I want to get some hair oil! Kudos to its Moroccan Argan hair oil for the pump application, it's so much "cleaner" and less messy altogether. I've used hair oils that you have to pour it yourself and omg, it's such an oily mess to clear up after!

The hair oil is really lightweight and after application on either damp or dry hair, it really locks moisture into my hair and my hair looks very well kempt throughout the day, less frizzy, smoother and thankfully not too greasy hahaha! I can also easily pack this into my bag with me on the go and it's a perfect size for traveling too :)

So well, I guess maybe this time round I have found a hair care range that I can stick with till at least the whole bottle finishes up. I haven't been able to do that for the past few times cos nothing works and my hair is still like grass LOL.

Moist Diane is available at Watsons, Major Fairprice outlets, Meidi-ya Supermarket and departmental stores and retails from $16.90 - $18.90.