Monday, October 27, 2014

Tirisula Yoga

A fortnight ago, I was invited to attend a 2-day exclusive event held by Tirisula Yoga (located at 80B Arab Street), alongside with about 20 other wonderful ladies :)

Tirisula Yoga is within a walkable distance from Bugis MRT Station, about a 10 minutes walk would bring you there! The interior of the yoga studio, I'd say, is very cozy and humble :) Nothing overly commercialized and definitely had ambience that's... therapeutic? Yeah, I think therapeutic was how I felt when I entered.

A little something to know about Tirisula Yoga is that unlike other yoga studios, Tirisula Yoga is a teacher training school (!) and they do provide internationally recognized certification (from Yoga Alliance U.S.A) to their students who complete their course. Which only means that I'm learning the most important fundamentals and basics from the yoga pioneers in Singapore, truly privileged! ^^

We started Day 1 of our event with some rounds of Sun Salutation led by Pamela, followed by exercises led by Master Teacher Weiling. We were tasked with two challenges, one each day, to complete for our event and winners per day would win a $100 voucher that can be spent on their classes/apparels. (This is alr on top of all the very generous and awesome sponsors we had!)

 Going through some stretches and exercises to prepare for the challenges for the day.

(Photographs above by Tirisula Yoga)

For day 1, our challenge was #tiribendit - a flexibility challenge

My take on the four poses for the #tiribendit challenge.

We had 4 poses/exercises on hand and it was really fun going through all the stretching, I hope I am not the only one who finds the pain from stretching to be shiok. hehe or maybe, I'm just quite a sadist when it comes to stretching.

The session lasted for about 2.5 hours (usual classes last around 1 hr) and I felt that the pace was just right considering that the class was made up of beginners and amateurs alike. Weiling was really patient with us and shared with us quite a bit about how to go about doing the different poses. I really wished we had more of that day actually!

After lunch, we had a theory class by Master Paalu and a sponsored talk by Belif Singapore. I was so stoked about this prior to attending the event when I heard Belif is a sponsor of this event!! I've personally tried using some of their products and they are my holy grails so when I saw them as a sponsor, a part of me kind of died from happiness HAHAHA

Photo taken from Tirisula Yoga

We were all given a deluxe travel set of some of their best selling items including the Numero 10 Essence, Hungarian Water Essence and the Aqua Bomb which are my fav! I'm a true sucker for skincare products that are paraben, alcohol and fragrance free due to my very sensitive skin.. and very few skincare products actually works for me, and those items mentioned above, they work. ;)

And we ended off the day with lucky me winning the #tiribendit challenge! I'm so excited to get some apparels with my vouchers because their apparels are REALLY PRETTY! Thank you Tirisula Yoga for your generosity! ^^

By the way, above is a sneak peek of how the Tirisula Yoga shop looks like. I LOVE EVERYTHING there!!!

I was late for Day 2 because I had to finish a submission first so I missed half of the yoga class :( The challenge of the day was #tiriholdit - challenge focusing on the core strength and balance.

The class was led by Master Paalu on the second day and he made everyone do headstands! Yay I've been wanting to do a proper headstand forever (I always tend to drop after 1 second -.- ) and I'm super happy that I managed to do one, holding in the position by myself for about 5 counts!!! Super achievement unlocked!

Pamela giving me some assistance with my headstand

But yeah, all good things come at a price. I have no jawline in this photo due to the 100000 chins I had by going against gravity HAHAHA

I loved the lunch provided that day, especially these vegan cupcakes! (btw we ate really clean for the two days!) I loveeee vegan cupcakes because generally I am not a fan of (too much) butter and milk in my pastries. And boy, these cupcakes were so yummy! I had 2 of these gems - the double chocolate and the walnut one. The walnut one was just heavenly. I forgot to ask Pamela/Weiling/Master Paalu where they got these from!

Quickly took some group photos with the lovely girls I met after the end of our second day class. Thankful for you girls who made everything better! ^^ 

Pardon the tired face because this was Day 2 and the night before I had a crazy 6 hour dance prac + Day 1 earlier + chiong assignment after that I was amazed I was alive the next day LOL

After lunch, it was theory class by Weiling and it was quite intriguing because we learnt about the different body types (Ayurveda and the 3 doshas) and how it could actually relate to our career, diet, health etc! I found it to be really true and applicable for myself, hence I listened super attentively lol!!!

A really insightful class that afternoon that really piqued my interest, I wish I was more engaged and interested in my seminars and lectures like that HAHAHA.

Following which we had 2 sponsored talks - one by Infuusa and the other by Rachel K cosmetics! Infuusa is a cold brew tea company started up by Wei and we were given two bottles of Infuusa to try:

Personally I liked the Berries one more because it was simply more palatable HAHA... like the Lemon one had an aftertaste on my tongue. That siap siap feeling LOL
From now to 7th November 2014, you can quote "infuusatirsula" to enjoy 20% off all orders over 25% on Infuusa! (:

Lastly, we had a talk from Rachel K cosmetics. Rachel K was extremely generous with their sponsored products - they gave all of us 3x CC Renew cream and 3x CC Renew Pressed Powder in all shades!!! I exchanged away my Light tone with another blogger for Medium because I'm obviously a medium tone (accepted my fate that I can never be fair sobs) but kept the Extra Light tone for my sister :)

And if you didn't know, Rachel K cosmetics is actually the pioneer of CC Cream!!! I can't wait to start using my products hehe and again, their cosmetics range is suitable for sensitive skin type! I feel so taken care of, hehe :) And here's what you can do to win a set of Rachel K CC Renew Cream + CC Renew Pressed Powder:

1. "Like" Rachel K on facebook (
2. "Like" Tirisula Yoga on Facebook (
3. Vote for me/my blog post on Tirisula Yoga's facebook when judging begins (on 1st Nov!)
4. Take a screenshot of 1-3 
And wait for me to select one lucky voter/winner ^^

And with that, it put an end to our 2 days event at Tirisula Yoga and it was an amazing time spent there :) Not to forget, the group of girls I met at the event who made those 2 days so much more enjoyable!:) Many many thanks to Pamela for the invite and Master Paalu and Weiling for being great hosts and teachers!

Of course, the wonderful sponsors (Belif Singapore, Infuusa, Rachel K, thefitnessgrocer and Provenance Distributions) who made us all feel really loved :) If you're keen on signing up for their Yoga classes, Tirisula Yoga is giving 50% off from their 50hr Transformation Yoga Training (January intake)! For more info, click HERE and quote "xinlinnn" while registering :)


Thursday, October 23, 2014

RunwayAE Exclusive Sale x Inspirature Photography

Hello!! Crazy weeks in school are finally over and I'm back!! ^^

Did a shoot with Inspirature Photography over the weekend and since I had some clothes I have yet to shoot beforehand, I brought them along and I'm so glad I did!!! The photos turned out so amazing :)

RunwayAE is currently adopting something new for their latest collection, instead of the standard shoots I'd usually do for them, she has kindly sponsored different bloggers (and me!) clothes from her upcoming collection and made this items EXCLUSIVE to their followers :) Simply put, it means you can only get the following shirt I am going to be posting at the following price when you quote my name! Read on for more details but here goes, the outfit details:

 Pocket Roll Up Shirt in Black

A very simple, plain long sleeved black shirt that comes with a functional left pocket and sleeves that can be buttoned up into three quarter sleeve. I love three quarters sleeved shirts (it's either sleeveless or three quarters for me!) hence that's how I shot the outfit in :) 

Paired it with a pair of white shorts for a more casual look, but I like how casual doesn't translate into sloppy here! The shirt is also extremely comfortable, its cotton material is lightweight (but not sheer) and extremely cooling (hate how chiffon materials just make me feel super warm!) I'd say, it's a perfect outfit for a casual day to dress to school!! Instead of the normal tanktop + denim shorts or the extremely sloppy school based shirt + FBTs worn by hall people (...) this outfit is super fuss free and it makes you look like you made the effort to dress up a little for school even though it is a simple shirt+shorts outfit!

Lay your hands on this shirt and I'm pretty sure it's a staple piece for most occasions! Basics that pull off any occasion are a MUST HAVE! Check out RunwayAE's instagram (@runwayae) for the specific measurements if you're interested ^^

To purchase, simply quote "Xinlin Exclusive" in the subject title and email to to reserve your piece. The price is $25 and is set by me to allow you guys to get the best offer without burning a big hole in your pocket hehe! 

Btw, I'm not obliged to blog for them but I just thought that it'd be good to show you guys more details of this shirt to help you all better decide :) hehe Also, many many thanks to Inspirature Photography for the wonderful photos. More to come!! :)

Before I end, congratulations to my boss running @RunwayAE on her wedding + honeymoon in advance! I'm so so happy for her!!! hehehe ^^