Thursday, July 14, 2016

Staycation: klapsons, The Boutique Hotel, Singapore

About a month ago, klapsons the Boutique Hotel kindly extended out an invite for me and my +1 to stay at a room of our choice for a night!

Located in the Central Business District area, the boutique hotel offers a total of 17 rooms (11 executive rooms, 2 Oasis Rooms and 4 Suite Rooms). I picked the Oasis Suite and all their suites comes with an outdoor jacuzzi!!

Upon arrival, we were also gifted with a hamper from Kit Kat haha

So cute this hamper, totally wasn't expecting it!

Here's a look at how our Oasis Suite looked like:

I really loved how spacious the entire space is, and that the shower area is separated from the main toilet area. This way, if one is bathing and the other needs to use the toilet, nobody has to snatch for the same room to use LOL

The outdoor jacuzzi also means that you can lie down in the jacuzzi tub at night and (attempt to) stargaze. That's what we did and it was extremely relaxing!!!

I didn't capture a photo of it, but every room also has a mini directory that suggests to you places to go and eat and its proximity. Definitely putting the customers' interests at heart and very thoughtful towards tourists! (Stable in room wifi connection is also a plus)

My first time staying in a hotel suite, and it was indeed a very pampering experience. I ever once took a tour around the various rooms before and was impressed at how every room boasted a different interior to it :) Even the executive suites were spacious enough!

klapsons, The Boutique Hotel is currently having a Ultimate Staycation Deal specially just for all of you!!!

The Ultimate klapsons Experience package offers guests the choice of two tailor-made packages where the daily room rate is at least 30% below the best available rate. Buyers have a 12-month period to utilise their package nights. The package can be used consecutively or concurrently, and is transferrable (!!!)

The Ultimate klapsons’ Experience package details

Promotional Period 11th July 2016 to 31st October 2016
Package Validity 12 months

TE2 – The Executive Experience $1800++
- Reserve 11 nights
- Experience all 11 different Executive Rooms / or stay in the same room
- 30% off Best Available Rate
- Transferrable
UKE – Ultimate klapsons’ Experience $3600++
 - Reserve 17 nights
 - Experience all 17 different rooms (including 4 suite rooms) in klapsons
 - 30% off Best Available Rate
 - Transferrable
Credit Card Promotion
DBS/POSB (**11th July to 31st August**)
- DBS/POSB personal credit card holders are entitled to 10% discount

Not a DBS/POSB personal credit card holder but still wish to purchase the Ultimate klapsons Experience package?? FRET NOT BECAUSEEEEEE you can quote "xinlin" when booking to be entitled to 5% off!! (only valid for UKE packages, not valid with other ongoing promotions)

Booking can be made via email at or through phone at 65219000 (:

(Staycation was sponsored)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

REVIEW: Terrainware -- Outdoor Adventure Store

Terrainware is a store that specializes in all your outdoor adventure needs, from backpacks to tents to napsacks. It has almost all the supplies you'll need if say, you're going go hiking up a mountain for a few days! I've actually been engaged on this collaboration with Terrainware for slightly over half a year, and while of course I haven't been on any outdoor travel adventures (a night hike doesn't quite qualify), this doesn't mean the collaboration has gone to naught.

For all we know, we live in sunny and urbanized Singapore. Would we even really need like gears for outdoor all the time? That's why it's better to "invest" in apparels and items that is suitable for our day to day use; preferably items that look fashionable as well right? Like this, the money is well spent and these items wouldn't sit around and become "white elephants" in our store rooms lol. 

Oh yes, before I proceed, Terrainware carries brands like Poler, Power Practical, Matador, etc. So their items are definitely up to standard with quality assured. In fact, they do not simply have just an e-commerce store (very easy to navigate around, see it for yourself HERE), but they have their own physical store too!!!!

Trust me their physical store is beautiful :O 
Terrainware is located at 200 Pandan Gardens, The Sports Stage #0110/11 Singapore 609336. 

If you stay on the other end of Singapore like me and not sure where this is, it's in the West and located opposite Commonwealth Secondary! There's a bus stop right next to the shop so it's quite convenient.

I picked out a few items for our collaboration (oh my, that's half a year ago!) and finally I'm here to consolidate my review on them after using them for long enough! 

(More on the smart charger on the video above:) )

Am sure many of you are familiar with this giveaway that I once held, that's if you follow me on Instagram of course LOL. This is actually a smart charger that uses bar indication to show you if your charger is charging efficiently! This would work for frequent overseas travels because of different voltage at various plugs, etc... I guess? But anyway I also use this for myself and in fact this has been my sturdy iphone cable that I bring EVERYWHERE!! The cable is tangle free and doesn't break and really helps me to track if the charging is efficient :) Although at a pretty hefty price of ~$70, but the cable works, it's useful and I was happy to giveaway 4 of these!!:)

Another item that I picked out was the Poler High and Dry Pack ($179) and it has been such a travel essential for me as I usually go traveling w just a backpack! It packs a whole lot of stuff and the best part is it is waterproof and really sturdy! It looks bulky but it is definitely suitable for both genders :) The bag can hold up to 20L AND it also has a padded laptop sleeve!:)

Lastly, I also picked out this napsack which is really versatile and can function as both a normal sleeping bag and a "shirt" for lounging and napping in anywhere and everywhere! This napsack does not only comes in handy for outdoors usage, but of course it works as a wonderful sleeping sack when you're staying up mugging for your exams and just needed a comfortable, quick nap! It also helps to keep warm in the colder temperature :)

(found myself napping like this pretty often during my final semester haha^)

The napsack is retailing at $259 and although it is quite pricey, it wouldn't be that bad if you're a frequent user and sleeping bags usually last a long time!:)

For the frequent travelers, or those who're simply looking for outdoor essentials, do feel free to drop by Terrainware at their physical store, as they're running a GSS promotion now till August!!! The promotion is a collaborative effort between Poler Singapore (one of the brands carried by Terrainware) & Terrainware. Promotion details are:
Purchase of Napsack : *FREE Terrainware Camp Chair*
Purchase of 2-Man Tent : *FREE 2 x Terrainware Camp Chair*
Purchase of Classic Bags & Coolers : *FREE Poler Caps*
Purchase of High & Dry Bags : *FREE Poler Hobo Knife*
Purchase of Apparels & Caps : *FREE Poler Camp Mugs*
Offer is availabe for in-store purchases only.
Do check with the counter staff on additional offers!
**Terms & Conditions apply**

Have fun shopping, and I'm sure the store wouldn't disappoint as I've been using their stuff for 6 months now!:)