Thursday, September 18, 2014

Recess Week

Yay finally the recess week is here!!!! I've been waiting for this day for wayyyy too long. It's been such a tiring first half of the semester especially falling sick towards the end. Okay no actually it wasn't tiring till I fell sick during the week filled with submissions D:

So glad that a short break's finally here now.

The first half of the semester has been pretty rewarding I must say, got to spend more alone time and time with my friends now that I no longer have any leadership commitments on hand, also time to work occasionally and earning my own keep. It's totally true that the best time to save up is when you're still a student. I can't picture having to slog my life out for the next few years trying to return back my tuition loan for my university fees. That's going to be crazy for me... so I guess I'll just try to save up as much as I can and hopefully fund myself for some travels before real life out there begin D: That's if, I can get myself employed immediately upon graduation HAHAHA Such first world problems...

Over the past one year I've developed this love for Sashimi all thanks to the bf and heyyyy I could eat sashimi all day long man. So standing sushi bar's Monday and Thursday's offers are such great blessings for me. Just look at all these yummy slices of salmon!!! Everyone should totally go try it on Mon and Thurs where there's $3 for 5 slices of salmon sashimi!

Being in senior year in hall also pretty much made me realise how much time I have wasted over the past two years on a lot of things where I could have utilize my time better, into doing more meaningful, productive activities. Right now I look forward to the end of every week to return home to home cooked (read: HEALTHY) dinners and having all the time to be spent for myself and my family and no obligations to turn up for things I'm not certainly interested in. Then again, I can never picture myself not staying in hall because I think I am certainly more attached to this place than I think I am. Love the personal space I get, the friends I have over here and probably this cozy little room of mine which has been with me for 3 years and have seen me through all the shit that I have to deal with... Growing up from a teenager to a young adult is pretty much an adventure and have strengthened myself so much more emotionally. Not sure if Year 4 will happen for me so I guess I shall just treasure my remaining 1.5semesters in hall for now.

Will update again soon after I finish sorting through all the photos hehe Happy Recess Week for now! ^^

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Outfit details:
Top: Bangkok
Skorts: c/o RunwayAE

It's been a long while since I've updated and 5 weeks of school has already passed! Sadly, I've caught on with the flu bug that's been spreading around hall and it's been giving me one hell of a time. The headache's been on for 3 days and I feel like banging my head against the wall every single minute.

So I guess I most frequently appear here when I'm sick, because I finally decided I need to take a break.

There're lots of backlogging to do and I'm still determined to jot them down all in my blog just so that I could remember them down a few years time :) Since my last post, I have gotten myself a new laptop and a new camera and loving every single bit of it :)

Got the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and I've been eyeing on it ever since I started researching on which laptop I should change to. Nope, I haven't hopped over to the Apple bandwagon for laptops yet! I love how flexible the laptop is, it can be both a laptop and a tablet and I can finally read my readings on long bus rides if I'm bored now!:) Also, it's extremely lightweight (1.3kg) and its battery life is amazing for a Windows laptop (lol I know, Macbook Air's battery life wins hands down!! I've studied at Starbucks and wondered why do Macbook users never need to charge their laptops but I'm like permanently hunting for a plug) It came at quite a hefty price tag though, pfft and that was the only thing stopping me from buying the laptop prior to getting it at Comex for about $300 cheaper than retail price.

Here's a backlog of things to do:
- Blog about first Anniversary (that's about 2 months ago but okay I finally have photos with me now)
- Part 2 of SNDC! And Buaya Week's happening in hall naoooo.
- Skincare regime for my EXTREMELY sensitive skin that's like so prone so eczema :( But it's finally getting better!
- General updates
-Answer ALL the questions on Askfm!

Also received a few samples for the new Innershine Collagen5000 Powder and might just do a review soon enough once I've tried them! As well as possibly a TaoBao haul after it arrives!!! (my block in hall did a mass TaoBao shopping spree! YAY)

For now... I have
- an assignment due tomorrow
- a project discussion to finish up by Tuesday
- a midterms on Monday (that I'm so so screwed for)
- a fucking headache to cure

Gotta be back to doing my essay now. Be back soon!!!