Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review of Rewalkz Me

Heyya!!! It's been a week since I returned from Korea and before I start updating with all my travelogues here... Let me first do a review for the Rewalkz Me platform that I've been using!:)

If you guys have not read from my previous post on Rewalkz Me yet, Rewalkz Me is a web platform where they have weekly challenges launched every Monday and they reward you for completing 10k steps daily!!!

I've been using the Rewalkz Me platform together with the synced data from my Fitbit for more than a month already :) And frankly, I think it's a really nice feeling where you realize how MUCH you've been walking a day!!! In Seoul, and Korea in general, the slopes are CRAZY and stairs are EVERYWHERE... escalators are sacred. So I've been climbing a lot and 10k steps a day? No kick man!!! Hahaha.

Okay I'll be honest here, there're a lot of empty slots for the days here not because I've ditched my fitbit...BUT I LEFT MY FITBIT CHARGER IN SINGAPORE?! HAHAHA whutttt. So I saved the battery life for days where I'm traveling!! Like out of Seoul where tonnes of walking is required just to make myself feel really good about the calories I've burnt hehe.

Btw sorry I digressed! This is supposed to be a review about the web platform right??? lol

After being introduced to the platform for more than a month, here're some of the pros and cons I've come up with!!


- It's super easy to navigate around!!! As long as you have your fitbit/jawbone synced, all the data loads in automatically ^^ Super easy to track your stuff!
- Nice concept -- launch of weekly challenges with attractive prizes really motivates people to stay a little healthier by walking more!

Just for the 3rd point itself, I think the platform is really pretty remarkable. In fast paced Singapore, where life is all about EFFICIENCY, we want to get to everywhere quickly. Lifts, escalators, travelators, public transport, cars, cabs... It is only when I've been in Korea for a month where I realized in Singapore, we're extremely blessed! But it also made me realized using your own two feet to walk around will really made you realize things you don't usually notice!

Not to mention, sometimes using our own bus 11 may be faster than taking MRT cos yeah... train delays, train fault and what not HAHA.


- some people might think web platform is a little troublesome/inconvenient! Would be a plus point if there's a mobile app!

 Rewalkz Me is also constantly working on its partnership with other fitness tracking brands/bands so that more people will be able to use their lovely platform! It has been a great 1 month+ being their ambassador and I really got a lot more educated about all these fitness bands and stuff! 

So if you already own 1 of the fitbit/jawbone, PLEASE GO USE!!! no harm signing up and if you're an avid "walker" all these rewards are really a bonus, right??:) You can also buy merchandises off their online store

Thank you Rewalkz Me for having me on board as well as educating me better on a healthy lifestyle :) 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beauty Trail @ Orchard Central

I'm sure most of us are familiar with Orchard Central located at Somerset MRT Station! With its wide variety and selection of food outlets (my fav are Tanuki Raw, Kiseki and Maccha House!) which also boosts a great view of Orchard Road, Orchard Central is easily one of my favourite hang-out place in town!

However, little did I expect that there is so much more to Orchard Central than the great variety of yummy food choices and the many teenage girls' favourite – The Editor's Market. The shopping mall also has an extensive directory for beauty services, ranging from facial to massage to manicures!Just a few weeks back before I left for Korea, I went on a Beauty Trail at Orchard Central for some pampering session!

Here's what I did for a self-pampering afternoon, in the span of 3.5 hours!

I started off my Beauty Trail with a facial treatment at Epi Treatz, and I did the Lymph Drainage Bio Facial treatment!
Getting my skin checked and O M G look at those (gross) enlarged pores on my nose!!!

Was also brought through a step-by-step instruction of how my treatment was going to be carried out!
Let the facial begin!

I especially enjoyed the lymphatic massage which gave my tired skin a good lift! It was really soothing as well and my face was visibly brighter and "energized" after that! The massage around the eye area was extremely relaxing, and my eyes were less puffy and dull after that too!  I didn't even bother putting on anymore make up after that for the rest of the Beauty Trail!

Epi Treatz also has a special promotion now!!!
Lymph Drainage Radiance Facial @ $68
> - Free Hydro Collagen Eye Mask Therapy (worth $70)
- For first time customer of Epi Treatz
- For Singaporean, PR, EP and SP, aged 21 and above only
- Limited to One treatment per customer only
- Nric must be presented upon registration and redemption of services
- Prior appointment is required
- Not valid with other offers, services and promotions
- Epi Treatz reserves the right to amend the terms n conditions without prior notice.

Epi Treatz
#03-16/17/18 Orchard Central
Tel: 68845977

After the facial treatment, I was brought over to Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa for a body massage and their signature fish spa! Frankly speaking, this is the session I looked forward to the most because I LOVE getting massages and I've never tried fish spa before!!!

I think I've mentioned before in my older posts that I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so I like my massages to be done with lots of strength (deep-tissue!) The therapist took note of how I liked my massage to be, and also took into consideration that I was having a really bad backache and slight cramps from my period. The massage was so... rejuvenating?! She focused on easing my backache (I always get backaches during period) but also made sure I didn't feel uncomfortable. After the massage, all the discomfort were eased and it was really as though my body "battery" has "recharged"!

It was really just what I needed at that point in time. Periods have always been very unkind to me :(

Then, I got to try the fish spa!! Omg I was so excited but nervous at the same time. The thought and sight of SO MANY small fishes feeding on your feet is quite... weird??? hahaha It felt like there was a phone at my feet vibrating constantly. LOL. Definitely quite an experience for a first-timer, I felt so amazed by how everything worked!! The fish spa is supposed to help remove all your dead skin on your feet, and thank goodness for that, I managed to get rid of some really stubborn dead skin on my heels from all the friction that resulted from dancing bare-footed!

Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa
#04-10/11 Orchard Central
Tel: 65090303

After some pampering for the face and body, it's time for some pampering for the nails! We headed over to Pink Parlour for a manicure session. My nails, as I have blogged about before, are EXTREMELY short so actually there was nothing much to paint haha. But I've grown to take a liking towards having my dead skin removed and my fingernails buffed clean :)

Look at those short nails LOL

The place was cosy and really pink like the shop name suggests! You'd surely feel like a princess inside here LOL. And, I have some good news from Pink Parlour!

Duration: 1 July 2015 to 31 August 2015
For just $50, customers can purchase (either one)
  • Gel manicure in red and white 
  • Brazilian Wax
  • Boyfriend’s Brazilian Wax
  • Snow White Brazilian
*T&Cs apply
Package deals are also available and this applies for all Pink Parlour outlets!!! :)

Pink Parlour
#03-20 Orchard Central
Tel: 68845359

To end off my Beauty Trail, I checked out Fullmask located at Basement 2 of Orchard Central. It's a pretty small shop front, but the size of the shop doesn't mean it is any short of beauty goodness! Fullmask was stocked with LOTS and LOTS of Korean beauty products, from Innisfree to It's Skin to Secret Key! I was introduced to so many of the highly raved products in Korea that I am all ready to conquer Myeong Dong with confidence. (which I am doing right now!)

The popular It's Skin serums are also available here!

Animal masks!!! They're ALL over the streets in Myeongdong, pretty fast for Singapore to have it instock alr! 

The staff also generously gifted me a bottle of Secret Key's Snow White Milky Pack to try! This product is quite raved about as I've seen on reviews and the Koreans are CRAZY about whitening!!! Well, I'm still in the midst of trying the product so I can't leave my verdict so quickly. But so far, so good! Will definitely review it in depth if it works ;)

#B2-44 Orchard Central
In 3.5 hours, I was able to receive a pampering beauty session at Orchard Central from top to toe! The places I visited were just 4 out of the many, many other beauty services available at Orchard Central! It is definitely a place to bring yourself/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/mother/father (you get it haha) as a reward or simply to pamper yourselves ;) Now that I am aware of all the available beauty services in Orchard Central through this Beauty Trail, I'm definitely gonna be at Orchard Central a lot more frequently now because it has ALL that you need to feel happy about! (Food, shopping and spas)

Embark on your own Beauty Trail at Orchard Central now! :)

Xin Lin