Friday, November 28, 2014


Having one of my worst breakouts in my life ever argh all thanks to the period + a screwed up sleep cycle + too much caffeine.

Sorry for the inactivity, will be back next week!!!! 2 more papers to go and I really can't wait to get it over and done with. Terrible, terrible semester LOL On the other hand, this time next week I'll be in taiwan already!!!!! OMGGGGGG seriously can't wait?! Even though it's my 4th trip there LOL

Friday, November 21, 2014

Grades and Interest

And so I recall, sometime last semester a friend asked how was this particular module X that I took.

Friend: How was that mod ah? Fun not?
Me: It was good! Like prof was interesting, helpful and I really liked whatever that has been covered in class! I think it's like one of my fav mods so far (:
Friend: Wa, so you did damn well la?
Me: No lah, I got C+ haha
Friend: ... you say you like the mod but you got C+?

I didn't want to end up in a debate with the friend hence I just laughed it off. And let the friend assume I was trolling. But honestly, why do people only think a module is beneficial or interesting if they do well in it? Why should our interest for something be based on the results we get from it? Why are we so blinded by this thing called grades?

Knowledge and the passion to learn, and how much we learn is not measured by how much we score, but by how much we develop and grow with every new information that comes our way. We learn for wisdom, not for grades. 

It's honestly kind of sad to see how people take modules to score, and not for pure interests. (And you're really lucky if the mod you genuinely is interested in is easy to score)

Just a random late night thought amidst all the studying for my paper on Saturday.